About Us

Christine-Aurore, an engineer by training, is also very ingenious. She brings her everyday creativity to the Juggles Angels concept. Agile with her hands, she’s been designing and creating elegant and original accessories for several years. 

 A new story for Juggle Angels

One day the legwarmer came into the juggle Angels universe and changed is face. The leg warmers are the new fashion accessories to complete your outfit. For girls, teens and women, this new little detail of the outfit became a real succes around the world. Warm, elegant, sportive or funny style, you can wear them with leggings, trousers and even better with a skirt.

Those legwarmers are perfectly combined with the new Juggle Angels bags.

Juggle Angels new generation talks about bags and fashion accessories, reversible sequins are the new medium of the brand. Any colors, any styles fits you for a better look. The production is made in Belgium in a sheltered studio. It means giving a nice job to people with a light handicap.